“What a beautiful thing”

“What a beautiful thing”

I sent a text message to all of bugs family members, asking for memories and photos to share with the blog for this week. I figured last week was heavy on statistics. Aria is more than a statistic. She was full of life and love. Most of the people who read this blog know that. However, I wanted to share some of our fondest memories of her. I was flooded with memories. Nonie Vianne remembers her waking up every morning as a toddler and saying ” Its a beautiful day.” I remember Nonie Vianne ” greasing her up like a potato” after baths. Body shining of baby oil and lotion, she smelled so good. Papa Fela remembers how much he loved making Aria popcorn and ramen noodles, it was almost daily. Also, there was a period of time she didn’t want to go to Papa and Nonie Burch’s house because she hated getting her hair done. Nonie Gini remembers when Aria was in kindergarten, she was learning how to spell and sound out words. As they were driving they passed a billboard for KDWB. Aria excitedly yells ” Nonie Nonie, I know how to say that word, KA-DA, WOOB.” Phonetically, she was absolutely right. Aaron remembers taking her training wheels off her bike. Her first day trying,she went only about 5 feet without falling after he let go of the back of the bike. She was tired after an hour or so. The next day she tied tshirts around her elbow and knee pads and said ” Aaron, we got work to do.” That day she managed to go to the end of the block without his help. From then on, she was an official bike rider with NO training wheels. I will never forget the time Aaron, Bug and I went to have dinner at Aunt Shari’s house. Her cat Faith had passed away and Shari told us she buried her in her back yard. The conversation changed to Shari mentioning that her neighbor had recently passed. Buggy’s wheels started to turn, she looked at Shari and said ” AND YOU BURIED HER HERE.” In reference to her neighbor. It was so cute, so funny, so innocent, she was probably 8. Aria would not leave the hospital when Danika was in labor with Rosaria. I had to leave for work before the baby was born and needed to get bug back home. However, she refused, she wanted to wait for the baby. Aria was one of the first people to hold Zary or Loopy as we call her. I believe that’s one of the reasons they had such a special bond. Tootie remembers spending time with her over the weekends. Being able to dress her up and treat her like her own baby sister. Also, all the silly videos they made on her Macbook.

Aria loved Jack’s cheese pizza, pizza rolls, popcorn, sushi, pho, edamame, hard boiled eggs, cherub tomatoes. She would only eat hamburgers with mustard. She loved GT’s ( giant tacos, even though they aren’t giant) They consist of hard shell’s, meat and cheese. Then I’d throw it in the oven to melt the cheese, she loved it. Her favorite artist’s were Pentatonix, Twenty One Pilots, Beyonce, and Billie Eilish. She loved Spongebob and Full House. She would spend hours making videos. Whether on TikTok or Musically or directing them herself. Ohhh and I only knew of one thing she hated, Cherries!

She would have to stop and check out the bathroom of every restaurant we ever went to. She loved the privacy you get from being in the bathroom.

I could write memories everyday for the rest of my life and I would never have to repeat. That’s how many we shared in her short 13 years and 321 days. I could never “sum” her likes and dislikes up in a blog. This is just a taste into her life. If you would like to share your own memories of her in the comments, please do. The rest of this blog will be a few of our favorite pictures and videos of our girl…. Enjoy!

” The Angels were singing the day you were born, what a beautiful, what a beautiful thing. Yea, they were singing and clapping their hands, what a beautiful, what a beautiful thing.”

My phone/email could not keep up with all of the pics and videos I wanted to post. As I said before, if you’d like to share, Please do. Happy Wednesday!!

Song lyrics written by Aaron Cosgrove. Performed by The New Congress

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  • Beth Way says:

    My favorite memory of Aria is always going to be the day after she was born. We’ve talked about it a million times, Brit, but for those who don’t know…
    I went to the hospital the day after was born; less than 24 hours after. (AR and I were there the day she was born, too.)
    Someone had given you a cute pair of newborn pajamas (long sleeved and long legged, and yellow, I think.), and so we decided we would put Buggy in those jammies.
    The thing is, we couldn’t get Aria in that damn onesie because she was SO LONG! Her arms and legs literally wouldn’t fit in newborn jammies, because she was just too long. And we were laughing so hard, trying to put this sweet little baby in these pajamas. And Aria was just looking up at us, wondering what the heck we were doing. We concluded that she must take after Joe Joe 😀.

    Keeping with this theme, I’ll also never forget the moment Aria was born. I remember standing in the doorway of your hospital room, with Joe standing in front of me. And the second Joe saw Aria, he melted; he was instantly in love. That was a really great, and special day. And I’m incredibly thankful that I was there when she was born, and there to send her off into heaven.
    Love you, Brit.

    • bjsenser says:

      Ughh Beth, I forgot about the jammies. Lol, I totally remember now. She was like 21 inches long. Skinny but long! Hahaha she was taller than me when she passed. The Senser height definitely skipped a generation with me. Lol 💜💜💜🦋🦋👼🏽. Love you, thanks for that!

  • Beth Way says:

    Oh, and I love the quote you posted, before the pictures. TNC for life.

  • Also! I forgot to add that when she was born you still had to pick a name for her. You and Rico couldn’t decide. Britt wanted Ava and Rico wanted Aleecia but you both could kind of agree on Aria. The night before you had to leave the hospital we looked at the baby (who was sleeping) and Britt said to her “ok do you want your name to be Ava? (silence) ok…do you want your name to be Aleecia? (silence) ok….do you want your name to be Aria? ‘MEHHHHHHH’ she screeched. We all cracked up laughing and were like ok i guess you picked your name then. Her name is Aria!

  • Katie Holey says:

    I remember being at the hospital waiting for Loopy to be born. To pass the time Buggy sang “do you want to build a snowman?!” again, and again on repeat. I’ll never not think of her when I hear that song.

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