I know I always talk about how certain times and places bring back so many memories. But, they do! I feel so lucky and blessed to have so many.

Fall was one of Aria’s favorite time of year. She liked the fresh smell of the crisp cold air, she loved how beautiful the trees looked as they were changing colors. When we lived in our house, she would rake and jump in the leaves for hours. She loved decorating for Halloween and setting up our yard with spooky skeletons that made it look like a grave sight. Each year we went to the “pumpkin patch”, which, was actually Minnetonka Orchards. She loved the slide and the goats, Sizz and Sally. The amazing apple donuts and apple cider. We’d run through the corn maze and play tag. We would always leave with at least 2 pumpkins. One that she loved and wanted, and another one that was hideously ugly that she felt bad for. She assumed no one would want it, so she wanted to bring it home with us so it didn’t feel alone. She felt bad for the ugly pumpkin. She was such an empath!!! This is a pic of us from last year.

When she was young, she hated the feeling of “gutting” a pumpkin. It grossed her out. Last year was the first time we did it in years. I think we tried once at age 2 and she wasn’t haven’t it. She never wanted to try it again until last year. Her pumpkin was so much better than mine!! Hers is a black cat, and mine is just an ugly face. We both had the “carving helper kit” where you paste it to the pumpkin and then carve but, I totally botched mine.

Oohh and we loved Hocus Pocus. Had to watch it at least twice during the month of October. Great Movie!! She wanted a black cat like Thackary Binx. Haha, I told her that would NEVER happen. No cats in my house. However, that didn’t stop her from trying.

The last couple of years, she didn’t dress up. She was officially too old and too cool. Didn’t stop her from Trick or Treating though, lol! But, I must say, when she was younger she had the most original and artistic ideas for Halloween costumes.

Buggy was an old soul and had impeccable taste. She had classic taste while others were all about “what’s popular.” While most kids her age had crushes on Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, One Direction, and Robert Pattinson, Aria was into Johnny Depp. She loved his movies, Crybaby, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, Alice and Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She was a Johnny Depp character for Halloween 3 years in a row. But, my absolutely favorite was Edward Scissorhands. We worked hard on that costume. I think Aria was in 1st grade, maybe 2nd, I can’t remember for sure.

Anyways, we lived on Queen Ave in S. Mpls. There were tons of kids on our block that were around Aria’s age. One of our neighbors always hosted a Halloween party for all the kids/parents prior to trick or treating. So, as soon as Aria came home from the bus at 4:45, we immediately started getting ready for the party. She was patient but specific in what she wanted. At that point, I couldn’t find “Scissorhands” at Halloween stores. Instead, I bought two pairs of Freddy Kruger hands and cut the fingers off of one pair. I then taped the fingers in the opposite direction with silver duct tape. To make it look like scissor fingers. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear, how she wanted her hair, the detail in her face make up, it was all her. She nailed it! The funny thing was, that no kids knew what or who she was for Halloween. But, the adults did, which made her even more proud.

I cherish my Halloween memories with my girl. The main picture on the page for this blog was Aria’s first Halloween where she got to pick what she wanted to be. She wanted to be a “Princess Ghost,” she was 2 years old. In pure Aria fashion, she designed her costume and make up.

Quick last minute story. On Sunday, I went to the Celine Dion Drag Brunch. I am also going to her concert on Friday. Celine is a bucket list performer for me. I’ve never seen her live. There are many reasons on why this show means so much to me. One, TITANIC duh, someday I’ll tell you Aria’s TITANIC story(unless I already have). Also, because the song “Because you loved me” reminds me of Aria. Every time I hear it, I think of Aria. I believe I’m everything I am because of her. Anyways, the show begins and a woman comes out singing a song called “I’m Alive.” It’s a Celine song of course but, I’d never heard it before. She walks around and comes to our table in the last few seconds of the first song. As she bends down to grab the money out of our hands I notice on her chest is a butterfly, a huge butterfly. She then slaps her chest and says “ I’m Alive.” As soon as the song ends it merges immediately into “Because you loved me.” I lost it!!!

I love you Bug. Happy Halloween to all who celebrate. Be safe, put blinking lights on your children’s candy bag. Nights like this make me so nervous. Also, don’t forget to do the obligatory safe candy scan!! God Bless!!

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