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My name is Amy Berg

Not Amy,

Not Berg,

Only AmyBerg- Aria made sure to let everyone know that is how I should be addressed.

I have been friends with the crew for over 15 years. Friends that have become my family.

For most of Aria’s life, I lived in Los Angeles so my visits with her while they were short, were always the best!  Very quickly she established her favorite places in the city, and she ran the show.  Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills was our place, she loved the cupcake atm- on the one year mark of her passing, I went and got our favorite- red velvet of course

On Aria‘s last visit to Los Angeles among her routine stops, as Alli mentioned last week, was of course a day in Malibu.

Be there or be square………….

Aria made sure everybody was up and ready. Regardless of what we did the night before. Malibu was her place. In the water is where she felt the most alive. Where she was free. Everyone gravitated towards her. Her energy and joy was contagious. Especially when she was in the water. It truly was a magical day.

Aria was one of one, a creative genius, and truly the best there ever was. Her unconditional love, care, tolerance, compassion, and belief in standing up for what’s right are just some of the things I loved most about her.

In a society that tells us to unplug; I am going to offer you an additional recommendation. Take the selfie, make the Tic-Tok, and re-do it when you’re not satisfied. Because while unplugging is important, I thank God every day for the videos and pictures I have of her. We were left with thousands of videos and our Facebook memories remind us of some of her funniest moments.

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